SEPTER CRYSTALS ARE CRYSTAL POINTS THAT HAVE FORMED AROUND RODS..IT IS SAID THAT SCEPTER CRYSTALS ARE LINKED TO ANCIENT LEMURIAN AND ATLANTIS CIVILIZATIONS These crystals are symbols of power. The energy flows to the heart (center) of everything. They are energy powerhouses and command respect when using them. A Quartz Scepter is a powerful manifesting crystal and must be used wisely. Make sure it is something you really want, or more importantly, actually need!

Scepter Quartz is a crystal of empowerment..(SYMBOL OF YOUR POWER), assisting in aligning the will with action, providing protection against controlling influences. Scepter Quartz has been used in healing ceremonies by spiritual healers and shaman throughout the ages.

SP-01 White Sceptre Crystal.
SP-02 White Sceptre Crystal
SP-03  **GORGEOUS** Sceptre Crystal, Self Healer
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Sale price: $US84.00
SP-04 **SUPER RARE** Double Terminated Light Smokey Sceptre Crystal
SP-05 Double Terminated Septre with Calcite and Iron Pyrite
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Sale price: $US44.00
SP-06 White Sceptre Crystal
SP-07 White Sceptre Crystal
SP-08 Power  Sceptre Crystal
SP-09 Sceptre Crystal
Tibetan Black Quartz SCEPTRE CLUSTER
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Regular price: $US54.00
Sale price: $US26.00
SP-12 White Sceptre Crystal
SP-14  Lovely White Sceptre Crystal
SA -8 Smokey quartz Scepter  with Amethyst Inclusions
CZ-5  Tibetan Black Quartz SEPTRE  crystal
6-J Large Scepter with Black Inclusions
ZF-1 Beautiful Sceptre Gate Keeper
SP-8 Lovely Septre covered in small shiny faces
SP-8 Lovely Septre covered in Matrix and Mica
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SP-10 Lovely Septre covered in interesting Matrix
SP-11 Lovely Septre covered in Glittering faces
SA-54 Strange Sceptre crystal
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DS-D **RARE Septre in a Sceptre  **DOW**
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CP-44 Double Sceptre crystal
AB-01 Long Sceptre Crystal with Matrix
AB-02 Long Sceptre Crystal with Matrix
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AB-03  Long Sceptre Crystal with Matrix
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SHT-14 Sceptre Yellow Tip Crystal with **AMAZING** Hematite
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CZ-18 Double Terminated Tibetan Black Quartz Scepter
TR-5 Scepter Quartz with Carbon Inclusions
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AV-9 Septer crystal with Hematite Inclusions
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